The Alpha Quadrant represents one-fourth of the Pocket Universe, on the opposite side of the local universe from the Gamma Quadrant.  It is bordered by the Beta Quadrant and the Delta Quadrant.  The New Shi'ar Imperium is strongest here, and the largest concentration of Shi'ar in the local universe is here.  Chandilar is in the Alpha Quadrant, about 356,000 light years from the black hole at the center of the local uiverse and about 144,000 light years from the Warp Barrier

Although the Imperium is clearly the strongest government in this quadrant, much of the quadrant's territory within 25,000 light years of the black hole at the center of the local universe is divided between the Imperium, the Systems Commonwealth, the Sontaran Dominion, the Cylons, and the Kurgan Caliphate.

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