Drakarans are a race of reptilian humanoids with green skin, tails, and a single eye. Their original homeworld was in the Old Universe. They then became part of the original Shi'ar intergalactic Imperium, which spanned thousands of galaxies. A large number of Drakarans settled on Chandilar before it entered the Pocket Universe via the Wormholes.

With the rise of the New Shi'ar Imperium, a handful of Drakarans communities were established off Chandilar. Drakarans society is based upon families organized into clans with elderly females serving as family and clan heads. Chandilar itself, however, retained the largest Darkaran community in the Pocket Universe.

In matters of religion, Drakarans worship a monotheistic god, though distinct from the teachings of the Shi'ar Church of the True God.

A few Drakarans within the Imperium have received seats in the Assembly of Alien Races over the centuries.

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