Fest is a planet within the Pocket Universe that used to be part of the New Shi'ar Imperium until in Year 11,780 of the New Shi'ar Calendar it fell to the Kurgan Caliphate.

Fest's population, mostly Humans, Saurians, Orks, and Shi'ar, was the subject of forced conversions to the Caliphate's version of the Church of the True God, including a number of martyrs put to death for refusing to convert.

In Year 12,091, a coalition of the Sontaran Dominion and the Rebel Alliance liberated Fest from the Caliph's rule, and Orks fought on both sides in their usual role as mercenaries.

More recently, some Orks on Fest have actively fought against the planet being under the rule of the Sontarans, being led by renegade Nobs and Warbosses. COMPNOR has been brought in to promote pro-Dominion, pro-Sontaran propaganda.

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