House Hawkwood is the royal family of both Neo-Britain and the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom.  It also includes hundreds of nobles outside the immediate family of the ruling King or Queen.  When the current Neo-British monarch dies, abdicates, or is accused of a series crime, the aristocrats of House Hawkwood meet on Neo-Britain to elect a new King or Queen from the Hawkwood ranks.  Several appointed and hereditary seats in the House of Lords are held by Hawkwoods, and Hawkwood nobles rule the worlds of Delphi, Gwennyth, Ravenna, Leminkainen, St Ives, Hiberbia, and Velisimil with the title of Planetary Lord, albiet in tandem with Planetary Parliaments elected by the commnoners on these planets.  These worlds' planetary representatives in the House of Commons are selected by direct popular vote.

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