Humans are perhaps the most numerous species of intelligent organic beings within the Pocket Universe.  However, their original homeworld is Earth located in the Milky Way Galaxy within the Old Universe

For hundreds and thousands of years, tens of thousands of Humans have passed through the Wormholes from their original planet to various new worlds within the Pocket Universe.

The humans remaining in the Old Universe have used spaceships to colonize Earth's solar system and slower-than-light sleeper ships to colonize other portions of the Milky Way Galaxy, but humans in the Old Universe have always lacked Hyperdrive or any other form of faster-than-light space travel. 

Humans in both universes face the robotic race of Cylons as mortal foes.

Humans within the Pocket Universe have different attitudes regarding the Shi'ar race and the New Shi'ar Imperium. Most humans have viewed the Shi'ar and the Imperium as providing the people of the Pocket Universe with advanced technology.

On the other hand, the allegedly racist attitudes of the Imperial Sovereign rulers of the Second Dynasty and the Fourth Dynasty and the perceived bigotry of the Fist of the Shi'ar People caused many humans during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions to view the Shi'ar and the Imperium as supposedly tyrannical.

Even so, plenty of humans remained loyal to the New Shi'ar Imperium.

In matters of religion, humans have mostly converted to the Church of the True God or the Pantheon of the Old Gods, the main Shi'ar faiths, in the Pocket Universe.

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