The Imperial Assent is the granting of personal approval to legislation by the ruling Imperial Sovereign within the New Shi'ar Imperium after the bill has passed both the Imperial Council and the Assembly of Alien Races

The decision to grant assent is normally made by the Sovereign before the Council and the Assembly meeting in joint session.  The traditional statement for granting assent is, "the Sovereign of the Imperium wills it."

The ruling Sovereign also has the power to refuse assent to legislation.  The traditional statement for refusing assent is, "the Sovereign vetoes it for the good of the Imperium."  

In the case there is an Imperial Regent assuming the powers of a true Sovereign on a temporary basis, the granting of assent or vetoing the bill is accompanied before the Council and the Assembly with the following statement, "the Regent assents to the bill."  The word "vetoes" is substituted for the phrase "aasents to" in case a Regent vetoes a bill.

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