The Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom is a major interplanetary government in the Pocket Universe with it's capital on Neo-Britain.  It is composed of dozens of solar systems. 

Government is vested in the King or Queen of Neo-Britain, and a Parliament composed of a House of Lords with nobles appointed by the ruling monarch or inheriting their seats and titles, and a House of Commons elected by the local populations of individual worlds (or appointed by the local planetary government).  The ruling monarch is aided by a Council of MInisters elected by the House of Commons.

Population in the kingdom is over 90 percent composed of Humans.

Religion is based upon the monotheism of the official Church of the True God and breakaway sects from the official Church of the True God, as well as the Church of Neo-Britain

The Neo-British kingdom depends heavily on Orks hired as mercenaries for it's military strength.  It has been at war with other Orks, the Kurgan Caliphate, the Cylons, the Sontarans, and the United Pirate Clans for centuries.

It generally has had good relations with the New Shi'ar Imperium and the Systems Commonwealth.

See also:  Noble Houses of the Neo-British Kingdom

In the Pocket Universe in Year 12,600, the Cylon-engineered plague had wiped out all but a fraction of Humans living in the Kingdom, and so the Kingdom's government and worlds were essentially taken over by non-human species, particularly Orks, Saurians, Ratlings, Cyclops, and Shi'ar, and eventually the Neo-British worlds joined the United Worlds.

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