The male Mork and the female Gork were the traditional deities of the Orks. Mork was the god of war and Gork was sometimes the goddess of wisdom and restraint.

Traditional Ork religion states that on Orklandia that Mork and Gork were the ancestors of the entire Ork race.

In the Pocket Universe, the worship of Mork and Gork have been influenced by Shi'ar beliefs.

Orks paying lip service to the teachings of the Church of the True God tended to identify Mork with the True God and reinterpret Gork as a female prophet representing the True God.

Orks who more or less converted to the Pantheon of the Old Gods identified Mork with the Allfather and Gork with the Mother Goddess and the children of the Allfather and the Mother Goddess with the first generation of the Ork race.

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