The Pocket Universe is a dimension of time and space about 500,000 light years across. It is separate from the so-called Old Universe containing the planet Earth.

The Pocket Universe, unlike the Old Universe, is not divided into galaxies , but it still has stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and clouds of gas and dust.

The very center of the Pocket Universe contains a giant black hole that sucks in anything that gets too close.

The edge of the Pocket Universe contains the Warp Barrier.

Outer space is a pale pink in the Pocket Universe (unlike the Old Universe, where outer space is black) because the light generated by hundreds of thousands of stars is absorbed by the Warp Barrier and randomly redistributed in the local universe constantly. 

The center of the local universe appears as a black spot because of the black hole there, and the edge of the local universe appears as a pink but starless area because of the Warp Barrier.

The Pocket Universe is divided into four areas of equal size:  the Alpha Quadrant, the Beta Quadrant, the Delta Quadrant, and the Gamma Quadrant.