Rodians are a green-skinned, reptilian humanoid race with black compound eyes native to the planet Rodia.  Rodians traditionally had a hunting culture on their planet, and they hunted Rodia's animals, and occasionally warred on each other.

The traditional leader of both the race and their planet was the Grand Master of the Hunt, and Rodia is locally still governed by the Grand Master. 

When Rodia joined the New Shi'ar Imperium, an increasing number of Rodians volunteered for duty in the Imperial Guard, and some Rodians were hired by planetary governments, criminal elements, and private corporations as mercenaries. 

Most Rodians remained pro-Imperium during the Era of Anti-Imperial Rebellions

In matters of religion, most Rodians have converted to various sects of the Church of the True God.  A few have converted to the Pantheon of the Old Gods.

Several Rodians have over the centuries won seats in the Assembly of Alien Races.

A few members of the Rodian species have been able to use Psionics, and such mutants have traditional held a high place in society on Rodia.

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