Torr 11th was the grandson of Torr 10th, and as a youth was an active participant in the youth wing of the Fist of the Shi'ar People. He was elected as Imperial Sovereign by the Imperial Council in Year 5445 of the New Shi'ar Calendar at the age of 21. Three Imperial Regents were selected by lottery from the Council ranks during his youth due to alleged mental incapacity, because of Torr 11th's youth.

As Sovereign, Torr 11th was an unabashed Shi'ar supremacist and favored the then-current imperialist, expansionist policies by the New Shi'ar Imperium.

He was assassinated by a group of Humans, Sebaceans, and Saurians in Year 5909 because he was allegedly bigoted towards non-Shi'ar and even wanted to exclude non-Shi'ar from Imperial Guard service.

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