Torr 12th was the son of Torr 11th, elected as Imperial Sovereign by the Imperial Council in Year 5909 of the New Shi'ar Calendar. He was elected at the age of 100. Torr 12th is considered the first true autocrat to rule the New Shi'ar Imperium, because in the Year 5958, he assumed the full powers of an absolute monarch when he staged a coup with Imperial Guard elements and the Fist of the Shi'ar People that overthrew the Imperial Council and dissolved it completely. In place of the Imperial Council was installed the New Council composed of people appointed by the ruling Sovereign, the Imperial Guard high command, and the Fist organization.

He was killed in another coup by Imperial Guard elements on Chandilar, which restored the Imperial Council, dissolved the New Council, and saw the 11-year rule by two Imperial Regents randomly selected from the restored Imperial Council.