Universe 2 is an alternate version of the Pocket Universe in which the New Shi'ar Imperium is confined to an area in the Alpha Quadrant about 20,000 light years around Chandilar.  The Fist of the Shi'ar People in Universe 2 is virtually a fringe group, barely existing.  The Imperial Sovereigns of the so-called First Dynasty still rule the Imperium in Year 12,100 of the New Shi'ar Calendar, along with the Imperial Council.  The Assembly of Alien Races was never formed.

Exploration of the local universe is mostly by missionaries who represent the Church of the True God and the Pantheon of the Old Gods.  

The Cylons, the Mandalorians, and the Kurgan Caliphate do not appear in Universe 2, and the Sontaran Dominion, the Systems Commonwealth, and the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom are all much larger in Universe 2. The Dominion and the Neo-British Kingdom are very aggressive militarily, have been organized by Year 5500 in the New Shi'ar Calendar.  The Commonwealth was founded in Year 5565 to counter the expansionist aims of the Sontarans and the government on Neo-Britain.

The Church of Neo-Britain is far more aggressive in seeking converts to it's version of Christianity, targeting Humans and non-humans alike. The Neo-British Church remains a purely Christian sect in Universe 2. 

The proportion of Saurians and Orks in Universe 2 relative to other species in much larger, because of more Wormholes connecting Saurus and OrklandiaCyclops are nonexistant in Universe 2.

The Astrotech Cartel and the Trade Federation exist in Universe 2, but they largely confine their business activities to the New Shi'ar Imperium and the the Systems Commonwealth.  The United Pirate Clans in Universe 2 mainly target the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom and the Sontaran Dominion. The Space Gypsies and the Rebel Alliance are nonexistant.

Psionics and Theurgy are much more common in Universe 2 than in the orthdox version of the Pocket Universe (Universe 1).

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