Universe 3 is different from Universe 1 (the orthodox version of the Pocket Universe) in that the Shi'ar and Chandilar never appeared in the Pocket Universe.  Psionics and Theurgy are very common in Universe 3, and they are used to power spaceships faster than light (Hyperdrive never appears in Universe 3).  In Year 5000 of what would have been the New Shi'ar Calendar, the Sontaran Dominion, the Interplanetary Neo-British Kingdom, and the Felonian Kingdom are the rapidly expanding interstellar powers of the local universe. 

By Year 10,000 of what would have been the New Shi'ar Calendar sees, the Sontarans, Neo-Britain, the Simbas, and the Tigras as the powers-that-be in Universe 3. 

The United Pirate Clans exist in Universe 3, albiet without Shi'ar.  The Space Gypsies exist, too. 

The version of the Rebel Alliance in Universe 3 exists mainly to free individual worlds from domination by the Sontaran Dominion and the Neo-British and Felonian kingdoms.

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